Poems for suffering children

Paul Wong

Who am I?*

My name is written on the sand -
Am I a sandman?

My name is written on the sky -
Am I a raindrop
From the cloud above?

My name is written on the sea -
Am I a ripple
Of the mighty ocean
That kisses the rocks into sand?


* This is meant to be a fun poem, conveying the idea of the impermanence as well as immortality of life.



A song of hope**

Sing me a song of hope
Of stars shining bright
In my darkest night
No one sees my tears
No one knows my fears

Carry me away my friend
With your music divine
To the land of sunshine
And the blue sky
Where we freely fly

I can sing of hope and love
One moment of beauty sublime
Sets free my troubled mind
A tiny candle of light
Banishes the terror of night

Let's sing a song of joy
Till we reach the other Shore
Where tears are wiped away
And pain troubles us no more
Peace, peace at last

** This poem was inspired by presentations at the Meaning Conference 2004 about cancer children in palliative care.

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