Daniel Jordan


Daniel Jordan is a proud member and long-time supporter of INPM since 2006. Daniel and his family operate a 44-bed residential mental health and addiction treatment facility, Sunshine Coast Health Centre, which incorporates an meaning-centered treatment model. Program Director Geoff Thompson, Ph.D., is a former student of Dr. Paul Wong and has been actively developing our model since 2009. In addition to his current responsibility of board member, Daniel has been active in past INPM conferences, particularly 2010 when he took on the role of Conference Manager.

Personal Commitment Statement:

I am committed to INPM’s vision of promoting an existential positive psychology model that promotes meaning and acknowledges the important role of human suffering in transforming the lives of those struggling with mental health and addiction issues. My family’s company remains a committed partner that provides ongoing financial support so that INPM can continue to make an important contribution to psychological research and psychotherapy practice.

Dr. Paul Wong’s “big tent” approach to psychotherapy is what inspires me to be an INPM board member. I continue to learn from his integrative approach. I am proud to be part of a learned society that embraces cultural diversity, philosophy, evidence-based research, and, above all, compassion for humanity and the human condition.