Mega Leung M.A., R.C.C., C.T.T.S.

Mega has been involved in INPM for more than 18 years.  She had volunteered and presented at the meaning conferences over the years and had collaborated with Dr. Paul T.P. Wong on the development of the Life Attitudes Scale (LAS) and the brief version of the LAS —instruments purposed to measure tragic optimism: a subpart of the Meaning-centered Therapy that focuses on spiritual hope and resilient growth in adverse life conditions.   Over the years, Mega continued to integrate and apply her knowledge of the existential-humanistic and meaning-based interventions in working with a trauma-focused clinical population in her practice in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.   She specializes in personal and relationship trauma, and rehabilitation psychology.

Mega is a proponent for existential positive psychology as she finds it to be effective in addressing pain and suffering and is applicable to persons of different cultures and beliefs.

Mega is aspired to integrate her clinical observations with research in relation to existential positive psychology, meaning, purpose, post traumatic growth, hope, flourishing and spirituality.  She has served as a board member since 2019 and is dedicated to contribute to the INPM mission.