INPM Press

The INPM offers all people, professionals, lay workers, and students, an opportunity to have thier work in meaning studies professionally published. We welcome all serious submissions for reveiw and consideration. If you are interested in having your work published, or have an idea you would like to develop we intive you to e-mail us (, with your ideas or a submission. We will confirm that we received your message, and start a dialogue. Please familiarize yourself with our writer guidlines before starting the submission process.

We are very proud to announce our first publication, A Long Night's Journey Into Day, by Geoff Thompson. A psychobiography of Eugene O'Neill's recovery from alcoholism, the book delves into some of the realities of addiction and mental health. Called "...(an) inspired analysis...", "...a stunning existential examination of a great artist." "...a groundbreaking book...", this book is a must for any student or practitioner in the field of addiction recovery. Availible for sale through the INPM, e-mail us to purchase a copy (

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