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INPM seeks to facilitate your search for meaning, purpose, spirituality and personal significance. Please take your time reading through the resources below.

Articles on Meaningful Living, and the Meaning of Life

This is an assortment of resourcesfrom various authors, many dealing specifically with finding the meaning of life. There is also information on grief, suffering, love, teenage issues, and many others. If your search is for meaning, you should certianly investigate this awesome resource.

Practical Spirituality and Personal Growth

A series by Paul Wong on developing your Spirituality through the Fivefold path. Using New Testamant and Buddhist teachings, as well as positive psychology, Dr Wong has developed the Fivefold path to help people grow their spiritual disclipline.

The Meaning of Life

A collection of articles in our archives that deal with the meaning of life. All these articles can also be found under our Archives section.

The Meaning of Death

A collection of articles that deal with the meaning of death, and finding meaning in death. Also, all can be found in our archives.

The Meaning of Life course

An intensive course dealing with the meaning of life. Written by Paul W. P. Wong, this course deals with your search for the meaning of life, it will both challenge and inform you, and leads to further study.

Worthy Lives Gallery

Our collection of "Worthy Lives", people who have understood the importance of meaning, and applied it to their own circumstances. Some are visionaries, some teachers, some leaders. You might be familiar with some of the names, but others may be new to you. Find comfort and inspiration in this collection of stories.

Our Collection of Poetry

Various poems dealing with everything from life to death, suffering to joy.

Meaning Blogs

An oppertunity to learn from "regular people". Links to blogs by people who seek meaning, and apply it's realities to their daily lives.

Meaningful Living Forum

A discussion board hosted in our off-site forum. This board provides people with an open forum to discuss meaning, their search for it, stories, and all things related. This link opens a new window with our off-site forum, will remain open in this window.


Meaning of Life Articles

Meaning of Death Articles

The Meaning of Life Course

Worthy Lives Gallery

Personal Meaning Blogs

Meaningful Living Forum

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