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Below are links to Blogs members and adherents to INPM have. If you want a link to your own meaning related Blog, please email the Webmaster (, for your blog to be reviewed.

Fighting the Darkness: My Secret Battle with Lifelong Depression
"After hiding my battle with depression for almost 15 years, it's time to share my struggles and triumphs in the hope that others can benefit from what I've learned."

Integral Options Cafe
"Integral Options Cafe offers a place to discuss all things related to a Buddhist, integral worldview. While theory is important (Buddhism, Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics, psychology, and Integral Theory), so is politics, art & poetry, human values, popular culture, and humor. I invite comments, different points of view, and anything that can add to a civil discussion of living in an integral world."

Okay, there's only two right now, so go on, start your own! Blogger and MySpace both offer free Blogging, so get on it!


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