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Purpose of this section:

  1. To promote research and exchange of research information on the role of personal meaning in health and well-being.
  2. To foster collaborative efforts in research on personal meaning.
  3. To provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date bibliography on research related to meaning and purpose.

The time for the positive psychology of personal meaning has finally arrived! We are on the verge of exciting new theoretical developments and high-impact research findings.

The impact of meaning on health and human behaviour is pervasive -- ranging from happiness, health, stress resistance, addiction recovery, to death acceptance. Yet, research in these areas has been very limited; the potential for growth is tremendous.

Locus of control, optimism and personal meaning constitute the triade of positive psychology. The first two areas have already received a great deal of research attention. The third area is beginning to emerge as a major research area.

This is high time for researchers interested in the transforming power of personal meaning to network with each other and spur each other on in developing this new research enterprise.

If you share this vision, please register in Directory of Meaning Researchers. We also invite you to post articles in this forum. Let's catch the wave together and see where it leads us.

"After hundreds of years in the wilderness of philosophical and religious discourse, the concept of personal meaning has emerged as a serious candidate for scientific research and clinical applications. The diversity of paradigms, the range of conceptual models, and the wealth of implications for practice, as evidenced in this volume, attest to an amazing surge of interest in meaning seeking. There is now a critical mass of empirical evidence and a convergence of expert opinions that personal meaning is important not only for survival but also for health and well-being."

Dr. Paul Wong in the Introduction to The Human Quest For Meaning.

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A collection of articles from our archives that are either about research, or are research papers. Submissions to the list are welcome.

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