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Therapy Links

Psychjourney -The mission of Psychjourney is to provide a cyber-bridge between health seekers and mental and allied health professionals, empower mental health consumers to successfully navigate the Labyrinth: The Maze of Mental Health and to provide mental health and allied health professionals with the education, support and tools they need to better serve their clients.

Humanistic & Existential Psychotherapy Links

International Society for Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy (ISEPP)

A Comparative View of Creativity Theories: Psychoanalytic, Behavioristic, and Humanistic By Carlisle Bergquist, MA, LCMFT.

Association for Humanistic Psychology - AHP nurtures people's ability to use their conscious minds, to choose, to grow, to actively create their lives and their world. It is an international non-profit association of people committed to exploring and furthering the evolution of the human spirit. The association was formed in 1962 by Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Charlotte Buhler, Rollo May, Virginia Satir and other founders of the personal growth movement, to foster the ability of each person to find and express their maximum potential as human beings. This emphasis on consciousness, human dignity, and the capacity to direct our own destinies has come to be known as Humanistic Psychology.

Carl Jung - This page is part of the Mythos & Logos web devoted to Carl Jung.

The C. G. Jung Page - The Jung Page was founded in 1995 to encourage new psychological ideas and conversations about what it means to be human in our time and place.

Existentialism Directory - This page contains reviewed articles & lectures.

Intergral Counseling - The integrative process of exploring our past experiences and realizing our present needs and aspirations results in a new sense of well-being and in a more conscious, more satisfactory and happier life.

Internationale Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse, Vienna- an international organisation with national societies in Argentina, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, Rumania, Russia and Switzerland (by 2002). This organisation is responsible for the standards of training both in existential, meaning-centered counsellling and existential analytical psychotherapy and organises a yearly international conference in a German speaking country.

Janus Head - Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts.

Meaning Centred Counselling - Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D.

MYTHOS & LOGOS - The Mythos & Logos site contains plenty of information regarding existentialism-phenomenology. The site also has a well-established resource/links page.

R. D. Laing - This page is part of the Mythos & Logos web devoted to R. D. Laing.

Rollo May - This page is part of the Mythos & Logos web devoted to Rollo May.

Sageplace - dedicated to supporting individuals committed to issues related to the healing and wholeness of the mind, body, spirit, and environment.

Saybrook Institute - The Rollo May Center for Humanistic Studies - This site is dedicated to supporting innovative scholarship consistent with Rollo May's enduring contributions to the understanding of our own life and nature.

Society for Existential Analysis - The Society is a professional association which encourages the expression of views and the exchange of ideas amongst those interested in the analysis of existence. Particular attention is given to the impact of an existential and phenomenological approach to counselling and psychotherapy.

Spencer on Existential Psychology, Eastern Illinois University - This site contains minimal information regarding Existentialism, but is a good place to start reading and getting general information.

The Excel Centre: Counselling & Hypnotherapy Clinic - Alan R. Eastman, BA, MA(c), DCH

The False Dasein: From Heidegger to Sartre and Psychoanalysis © Jon Mills, Published in the Journal of Phenomenological Psychology, 1997, 28(1), 42-65

The Impact of Existential Philosophy on Modern Psychology by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

The Sapere Aude Institute SAI (Translate by following the link & choosing tranlsation from German, e.g. "German to English" and click "Translate")

The Theoretical Foundations of Existential Psychotherapy by Abdul Hamid Evans - Highland Islamic Clinic, Weimar Institute

Tim Lebon's Existential Psychotherapy Existential Psychotherapy is discussed within this site. Book reviews, essays, and also quotations are available.

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Logotherapy Links

My Tribute to Viktor Frankl by Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph. D., Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy at Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital, New Orleans, LA

Quotes by Viktor Frankl

Süddeutsches Institut - für Logotherapie: a site dedicated to Logotherapy by Dr. E. Lukas. 

Viktor Frankl by Tracy Marks - This site contains a great resource for links regarding Victor Frankl, Logotherapy, and also useful quotations.

Victor Frankl by Dr. C. George Boeree, Psychology Department, Shippensburg University - a biography

Viktor Frankl Obituary 1905-1997 (Reprinted from Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Vol. 38, No. 2, Spring 1998.)

Viktor Frankl Institute - The Viktor Frankl Institute is a non-profit scientific society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. It is the task of the Viktor Frankl Institute to foster the lifetime work of Viktor Frankl and to provide access to authentic information about Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

Viktor Frankl at Ninety: An Interview by Matthew Scully. Copyright (c) 1995 First Things, 52 (April 1995): 39-43.

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Positive Psychology Links

American Psychological Association - Positive Psychology - Articles on positive psychology.

David G. Myers The Pursuit of Happiness - An extensive site that summarizes much of the research on happiness.

David G. Myers Toward a More Positive Psychology - An introduction to Positive Psychology. Dr. Myers has been actively involved with the Positive Psychology Network.

The Hardiness Institute - an extensive collection of research and applications of hardiness.

HealthEmotions - The HealthEmotions Research Institute seeks to use state-of-the-art scientific methods developed for the study of illness to study the relationship between positive emotions and health.

Institute of Noetic Sciences - For 25 years, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has been at the forefront of research and education in consciousness and human potential. From the beginning we have pursued this inquiry through rigorous science. We honor open-minded approaches and strive to bring discernment to our work. We are not a spiritual sect, political-action group, or single cause institute.

The Milton H. Erickson Foundation - The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to promoting and advancing the contributions made to the health sciences by the late Milton H. Erickson, M.D. through training mental health professionals and health professions worldwide.

Positive Psychology: An Alternative Vision © 2000 Derrick Klaassen, Trinity Western University, INPM.

Positive Psychology Network - The Seligman Research Alliance is a not-for-profit organization located at the University of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to discover and then apply psychological knowledge acquired in scientific research to solve real-world problems, alleviate suffering, and help individuals and institutions achieve a high quality of life. 

Positive Attitude Institute - Positive Attitude Institute, an organization dedicated to teaching people how to believe in themselves, and make every day count. Positive Attitude Institute, has programs that help business owners, executives, salespeople, managers, and other professionals increase their performance and boost the productivity of their employees.

Positive Psychology.Net - There is an alternative to thinking about people and the world as needing to be fixed. You can see the possibilities and opportunities for growth, evolution, rebirth. This website explores the varieties of positive experience, good feelings, the dimensions and sciences of things positive. It's not about polyanna. It's about understanding the science and anatomy of happiness, positive experiences, hope, optimism and altruism, sharing, courage and the other dimensions of being positively human.

Professional Board of Hypnotherapy - a extensive page of links to organizations and individuals who promote clinical hypnosis.

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Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Links

The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress - "Due to the tragedy in our nation, The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress is making available, at no cost, several documents from acute traumatic stress management and a Practical Guide for crisis response in our Schools".
TEL.: (631) 543 - 2217
FAX: (631) 543 - 6977


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sanctuary - features articles, a book store, personal stories and much more.r

Motor Vehicle Accidents are Leading Cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, According to New Book - MVAs are considered the leading cause of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the general population and car accidents are the number one trauma for men and the second most frequent trauma for women, according to a new book that examines updated research on PTSD among car accident victims and some effective treatments for the disorder.

Exposure Therapy Helps PTSD Victims Overcome Trauma's Debilitating Effects - Exposure therapy doesn’t just help combat veterans with PTSD. Research by Dr. Edna B. Foa and her colleagues showed that exposure therapy was effective in reducing PTSD symptoms of rape victims, including persistent fear.

National Center for PTSD - has information about how to address recent terrorist events in the United States

Internet Mental Health - has information of post traumatic stress disorder

National Institute of Mental Health: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - has informational booklets, summaries and factsheets in English and Spanish.

American Psychiatric Association: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Information Page - has information and additional resources on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

National Mental Health Association - has information on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and great resources.

The Effects of Trauma Do Not Have to Last a Lifetime - Most people will experience a trauma at some point in their lives, and as a result, some will experience debilitating symptoms that interfere with daily life. The good news is that psychological interventions are effective in preventing many long-term effects.

Research on 9/11: what psychologists have learned so far - Federal funding helps psychologists launch Sept. 11 research.

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Meaning Research Link

Research Links - Nursing for Psychology Majors - As a psychology major you may be unaware of how well your academic background and interest in human behavior have set you up for success in the nursing field. The nursing profession provides job security and a chance to make a positive difference in people’s lives. In this section (maintained by Kelli Dunham, RN, BSN) we explain why psychology majors make great nurses and how to transition into the nursing field.

International Network for Life Studies - holistic and transdisciplinary approaches to contemporary issues concerning life, death, and nature in our civilization. It includes philosophy of life, bioethics, environmental ethics, and criticism of modern civilization at its core. The primary concern is how to live in this chaotic society without regret.

The Origins of Peace and Violence - Deprivation of Physical Affection as a Main Cause of Depression, Aggression and Drug Abuse - The work of James W. Prescott, Ph.D.

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The International Journal of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy (IJEPP)

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Tyndale University College and Seminary - Ontario, Canada

Trinity Western University - Brittish Columbia, Canada

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Philosophy Links

Graduate Program in Religion, Culture & Ethics, Trinity Western University. Co-sponsors of the International Conference: Searching for Meaning in the New Millennium.

Existentialism Philosophy By Indira Mariam Montoya. This site contains information, articles, links and also a chat forum related to Exisitentialism.

Institute of the Noetic Sciences - a nonprofit membership organization that both conducts and sponsors research into the workings and powers of the mind, including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition.

Kierkegaard - A site on the nineteenth century existentialist philosopher Søren Aabye Kierkegaard.

Kierkegaard - Information from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Kierkegaard on the Internet - a website devoted to the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) with a Kierkegaard Web Library and a discussion forum.

LuminEscence - a site dedicated to examining tough questions.

The Online Noetic Network - a community exchanging email with well-known writers and speakers about topics of depth. ONN examines how consciousness affects, and is affected by, the world around us. Awareness is common to all people and the foundation on which our lives are built. Noetic Vision sees that awareness is closest and most important.

Pure - a site dedicated to human enlightenment and philosophical truth seeking.

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy - "SPEP is the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, a professional organization devoted to supporting philosophy inspired by Continental European traditions. SPEP is also actively committed to philosophical pluralism.  It has become the second largest American philosophical society and accommodates such traditions as critical theory, existentialism, feminism, German Idealism, hermeneutics, post-structuralism and phenomenology."

The Realm Of Existentialism --- by Katharena Eiermann "This site offers the basics of existentialism, pros and cons of existentialism, phenomenology and its relation to existentialism, existentialism through selected quotations, and probes over twenty minds of existentialism from literature, philosophy, psychology and poetry."

Society for Existential Analysis - The Society is a professional association which encourages the expression of views and the exchange of ideas amongst those interested in the analysis of existence.

Society for Phenomenology & Existential Philosophy - SPEP is the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, a professional organization devoted to supporting philosophy inspired by Continental European traditions. SPEP is also actively committed to philosophical pluralism. It is one of the largest American philosophical societies and accommodates such traditions as critical theory, existentialism, feminism, German Idealism, hermeneutics, post-structuralism and phenomenology.

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Personal Meaning Links

Meaning in suffering

The Power of Hope
The Power of Hope empowers youth to live positive, engaged lives by discovering their own sense of purpose and creative potential through high-energy, experiential, arts-centered programs.

Journey of Hope Grief Support Center, Inc.
The Mission of Journey of Hope Grief Support Center is to provide support at no cost to children and their families as they mourn the death of their loved one.

Cancer Survivors On-Line

Community for Hope of Greater Oshkosh
A non-profit organization supporting suicide prevention, intervention and response

The Mandela Page
This web site contains selected speeches, statements and writings, biography and pictures of Nelson Mandela.

TIME 100: Leaders & Revolutionaries - Nelson Mandela
This web page includes a timeline of Mandela's life, along with a detailed look at the way in which he helped shaped a Nation.

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Meaning in Community

Relationship Talk Forums - A site dedicated to relationships. They provide a forum for discussion on various topics within relationships. Membership availible but no necessary.

The Foundation for Ethics & Meaning - The Foundation's activities and research seek to challenge the present economic and cultural dominance of market driven hyper-consumption, and the worship of material wealth, power and celebrity, the political, spiritual and ethical apathy, and the ecological and human damage this worldview produces. Instead we work to encourage a holistic and community spirit of caring that promotes tolerance, justice, and reconciliation. Moving beyond outdated Left/liberal and Right/conservative paradigms, we work with numerous organizations and the public to develop a unified language that can offer both a sophisticated yet accessible critique of the current bottom line, and a coherent program for its transformation.

The Corrymeela Community
Corrymeela is people of all ages and Christian traditions, who, individually and together are committed to the healing of Social, Religious and Political divisions that exist in Northern Ireland and throughout the World.

Nicer Century World Organization - an educational, non-profit, non-partisan organization; it endeavors to make the 21st century nicer than ever before.

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Meaning Through Serving Others

The One Campaign - USA

Make Poverty History - Canada

Make Trade Fair - International

Amnesty International - International

Greenpeace - International

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Meaning through Personal Renewal

Franciscan Renewal Center
A Community of Faith Through Liturgy, Retreats, Education, Counselling, Social Justice, Spiritual Direction, Meetings & Conferences, in the Spiritual Tradition & Hospitality of St. Francis of Assisi.

The Center for Loss & Renewal
The Center for Loss & Renewal is a leading New York City psychotherapy and consultation group dedicated to the practice of life transition therapy.
Learn how life's best survivors are made stronger and better by extreme adversity.

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Self-Help Websites

Words of Wisdom For You -
Words of Wisdom in the form of quotes, stories, poems, proverbs, thoughts, and more. We also offer a free monthly motivational quote calendar to start your day on a positive note. - is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

The Hardiness Institute - The Hardiness approach to performance enhancement and leadership training emphasizes the strengthening of performance effectiveness resources that help individuals and groups to successfully navigate change. Twenty-five years of state-of-the-art research and practice underlie the Hardiness Institute's consulting services and products. Salvatore R. Maddi, Ph.D., an internationally-honored psychologist, developed the hardiness concept that today continues to be researched in settings throughout the world.

American Psychology Association - Free online search for self-help topics.

Brochures and Articles Related to Psychology from Psych Web

Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page - Regularly maintained by John and an assistant, it is one of the Net's best annotated guides to the most useful Websites, newsgroups, and mailing lists online today in mental health, psychology, social work, and psychiatry. It receives between three and four thousand visitors per day and acts as a reliable and accurate source of mental health information for the nearly two million visitors which have stopped by since it was first introduced.

Mental Health Net - Directed by Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. since July, 1999, MHN is the most comprehensive source of online mental health information, news and resources. MHN has also won numerous awards for design and content.

Self-help group listing throughout the USA - Explore practical spirituality inspired by ideas in Science and Health. Join this interactive community sharing healing solutions in wellness, personal growth, relationships, workplaces, and current events. - Tothesource is a forum for integrating thinking and action within a moral framework that takes into account our contemporary situation.

Virtual Pamphlet Collection of the University of Chicago

A Guide for Positive Child Development - Growing Healthy Canadians: A Guide for Positive Child Development, was created to promote and illustrate a simple idea: that the healthy development of children and youth is a shared responsibility.

Positive Parenting - website that is dedicated to providing helpful resources for parents.

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The Meaning of Life A site with collected videos, audio and text dealing with the meaning of life.

3.2 years Life Cycles in Time Integration and Synchronicity Coincidences - Using birthdays and the Life Cycles Matrix System for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny.

Elliott Landy's Uplifting Films

Life Mentoring "Life Mentoring" ® is compiled by Dieter Langenecker Management Mentoring.

The Meaning of Life Depot - Provides a quotation of the moment along with links, discussion forum and other relevant information regarding the meaning of life.

The Nets Meaning of Life - rows and

Talent Development Resources - Exploring talent and giftedness - information & inspiration to enhance creative expression (also links to Positive Psychology sites).

Your Mind Makes It - is a forum for the sharing and expression of opinions and insights on life and philosophy. Many topics are covered, and all accepted. - A site dedicated to seeking the meaning of life.

All About World View - What issues shape your worldview and outlook on life? How do you view these issues and topics of interest in the world today?

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Positive News

News for the Soul (Phoenixnews) - positive pro-active SOULution oriented news for the new Millennium inspired by kindness, ethics, heroic acts, social responsibility and the awesome true nature of the human spirit...

The Optimist - good news newspaper.

Positive News.Net - a good news service providing daily motivation and inspiration.

Positive Vibrations - Positive news & links.

UpBeat, Positive News - News stories about real life individuals making a difference in the World today.

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Meaning and Health

American Academy of Neurology - The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) is a worldwide professional association of more than 17,000 neurologists and neuroscience professionals dedicated to providing the best possible care for patients with neurological disorders.

American Academy of Physical Medicine
& Rehabilitation
- As the premier medical society for the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, AAPM&R is the only organization exclusively serving the needs of practicing PM&R physicians. With more than 6,300 members, the Academy represents more than 87 percent of U.S. physiatrists and international colleagues from 37 countries.

American Association of Neuroscience Nurses - The mission of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses is to work for the highest standard of care for neuroscience patients by advancing the science and practice of neuroscience nursing. The Association accomplishes its mission through continuing education, information dissemination, standard setting and advocacy on behalf of neuroscience patients, families and nurses.

American Music Therapy Association - For more information about the Association, email them, or call (301) 589-3300

American Society of Hematology / patient group links / Educational Materials - The American Society of Hematology (ASH) represents over 10,000 clinicians and scientists committed to further the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders affecting the blood, bone marrow, and the immunologic, hemostatic and vascular systems, by promoting research, clinical care, education, training, and advocacy in hematology.

American Society of Pediatric Hematology /Oncology - The American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (ASPH/O) is a professional society of pediatric hematologists/oncologists, who study and treat childhood cancer and blood diseases.

Emerson Hospital - Emerson Hospital, an acute care medical center located in Concord, Massachusetts is well known for its medical and surgical specialists, outstanding nursing care and patient-centered services.

Health - Your window to good health, By Dr. Bittman. This page is also available through ECAP.

International Psycho Oncology Society (IPOS) - Co-founded by Dr. Jimmie C. Holland, ASPBOA and IPOS are multidisciplinary societies promoting the psychological, social, and physical well being of patients with cancer, AIDS and allied diseases and their families at all stages of disease and survivorship through clinical care, education, research, and advocacy.

James Sundquist - Founder of the Medical & Sports Music Institute of America, Inc

The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center

May 21 Compassionate Caregivers Wanted for Kenneth B, Schwartz Award Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

National Association of Home Care - NAHC is the nation's largest trade association representing the interests and concerns of home care agencies, hospices, home care aide organizations, and medical equipment suppliers. Simply put, NAHC is the one organization dedicated to making home care and hospice providers lives easier.
Towards a Better Future, The Works of Manfred Davidmann

The Oncologist Online - The practice of oncology and hematology is more challenging than ever before. Physicians are charting new territories in cancer patient care and practice management. The Oncologist® was established by oncologists to help physicians better manage their practices in a changing and challenging environment—to guard against the future and ensure their patient's rights to the best health care possible.

World Health Organization - an extensive website which elaborates on the role of the WHO and gives many helpful tips for patients.

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