Dr Alex Batthyany  
Alex Batthyany

Dr. Batthyany teaches Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Psychology at the University of Vienna in the Department for the Theory and Social Studies of Science. He also teaches Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Department of Psychiatry at Vienna Medical School.

In addition to his role as chair of the Science and Research Department of the Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna, Batthyany works alongside of Dr. Eleonore Frankl running the private archives of Viktor Frankl. Dr. Batthyany is principal editor of the 12-volume edition of the Gesammelte Werke von Viktor Frankl (Collected Works of Viktor Frankl) and together with Péter Sárkány, he is editor of the first Hungarian book series on logotherapy and meaning-oriented, existential psychology and psychiatry.

Batthyany has published several books and articles and lectures widely on philosophical psychology, the contemporary philosophy of mind, and logotherapy and existential analysis. Together with David Guttmann, he published the first comprehensive annotated bibliography of empirical research in logotherapy and meaning-oriented psychotherapy, summarizing research studies from over two decades. His most recent book (together with Jay Levinson), the Handbook of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, was published 2010

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