Meaning of Life

Beating the winter blues

Eddy Elmer

Posted Nov 12, 2018

As the days get shorter and we enter the thick of the winter season, there is no shortage of advice for how to deal with the proverbial winter blues. Turn on the TV, open any newspaper, or browse through any magazine, and you’ll be sure to find all sorts of ‘quick, useful strategies for lifting your spirits.’

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A Little bit of Kindness Helps the Medicine go Down

Daryl Busby

Posted Nov 12, 2018

Kindness: this is one of the so-called “Fruits of the Spirit” that constantly eludes me. I can do “kindness” for a while; but then, impatience, weariness, exasperation and downright nastiness take over. Unfortunately, these responses are not included in the list of approved “Fruits of the Spirit”.

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Addicted to Meaning

Sean M. Swaby

Posted Dec 1, 2017

It seems that we are all addicts. Shopping, TV, the computer, technology, the internet, food, coffee and even chocolate have become objects of our addiction. It is hard to find something that we can enjoy without the risk of becoming addicted. One might even wonder if we are all destined to become addicts?…

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A New Year’s Reflection

In the Meantime

Bill Evans

Posted Dec 30, 2006

I often remember how a former professor of mine, the late Dr. Carlyle Marney, once said in class, “most of life is lived in the meantime, and unless one learns to live life in the meantime, one is less than half alive!” What did Marney mean by that?…

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Life is about letting go

Paul T. P. Wong

Posted Aug 12, 2006

Surrounded by mountains of boxes piling from floor to ceiling, I feel like being confined in a prison of my own making. I am now paying dearly for having accumulated so much earthly goods.

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The drug experience: Satisfying the yearning for meaning and spirituality

Executive Director's Column

Geoff Thompson

Posted Mar 30, 2006

I work at the Maple Ridge Treatment Centre, a large residential facility for men suffering from substance addictions. My clients and their families come to us looking for answers, and perhaps their most common question is: Why would anyone use alcohol and drugs if they lead to severe suffering?

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