The mission of the INPM is to advance the vision of Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Paul T. P. Wong through meaning research, meaning-centered practice, and meaningful living groups. More specifically, the INPM advocates the big-tent approach of extending logotherapy and integrating it with the positive psychology research on meaning through collaborative efforts.

As a learned society, the INPM believes that high-quality scientific research on the positive psychology of meaning in major life domains can contribute significantly to the well-being of individuals and communities. The INPM also believes that the most effective way to advance human knowledge and well-being is through pluralism and interdisciplinary research.

The INPM affirms the potential of personal and societal transformation through the impact of websites, publications, education, meaningful living groups, and meaning-centered counseling, coaching, and consultation.

Board of Directors

Paul T. P. Wong

Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C.Psych. (Founder of INPM)

Bio: Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D. (University of Toronto), C.Psych, is Professor Emeritus of Trent University… read more

Lilian Wong

Lilian C. J. Wong, B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D., RP (Founder of INPM)

Bio: Lilian C. J. Wong received her training in psychology from: University of British Columbia (Ph.D.,… read more

Daniel Jordan

Bio: Biography: Daniel Jordan is a proud member and long-time supporter of INPM since 2006. Daniel… read more

Personal Commitment Statement: Dr. Paul Wong’s “big tent” approach to psychotherapy is what inspires me to be an INPM board member.… read more

Don Laird

Bio: As a board member since 2022 and serving as the INPM Chair for Professional Development… read more

Dr. Geoffrey R. Thompson

Dr. Geoffrey R. Thompson

Bio: Dr. Thompson is Program Director at the Sunshine Coast Health Centre, where he established a… read more

Christina Pettinato

Bio: Christina Pettinato (NCC, LPC, LBS) began promoting INPM’s mission of existential positive psychology, its “big… read more

Tim Yu, B.Sc.

Bio: Tim has been the INPM's Student Representative since 2021. He received his BSc in Psychology… read more


The INPM welcomes professionals in mental health, organizational psychology, business coaching, and education. We are the home for the meaning-centred approach to facilitating personal and organizational growth.

We provide (1) a directory of meaning-centered therapists, counsellors, and coaches for the purpose of advertising and referral; (2) workshops, courses, and a diploma program related to the meaning-centered approach; (3) consultation and opportunities for collaboration; and (4) resources related to the meaning-centered approach in addition to our Learning Library.


The INPM welcomes researchers from various disciplines, such as psychology, management, philosophy, medicine, and education.

We provide (1) a directory of researchers interested in meaning research and second wave positive psychology (PP 2.0) to facilitate collaborative research; (2) opportunities for participation and publication in the International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology; (3) access to Dr. Paul T. P. Wong’s research ideas related to existential positive psychology or PP 2.0 for collaboration or outsourcing; (4) free access to all the instruments developed by Dr. Wong; and (5) resources related to meaning research and PP 2.0.


We invite members from the community to become non-professional members of our INPM family—we welcome people from all walks of life, including retirees!

We provide (1) the opportunity to contribute to the Positive Living Newsletter; (2) waived participation fees for the Meaningful Living Meetup Groups; (3) opportunities for attending the Meaning Conferences and workshops with a membership discount; (4) access to our resources, such as archives from the lessons at previous Meaningful Living Meetup Groups, the Learning Library, and self-assessment instruments; and (5) access to our directory of meaning-oriented therapists and coaches.