Course Materials for 2016

Spiritual Roundtable


Who is this meetup for?

Do you resonate with these statements?

  • I find life empty, boring, and mundane.
  • I feel irritable, ready to explore or lash out.
  • I have lost my direction and passion in life.
  • I am sick and tired of being miserable.
  • I am stressed out by the constant demands of life.

If you do, you may want to join us and learn to practice spirituality, which will enrich and transform your life.

How can I practice spirituality?

Here are some principles of practical spirituality:

  1. Spend some time in daily meditation or prayer.
  2. Love God and others.
  3. Re-orient your way of life from egotistic pre-occupation to caring for others.
  4. Pursue a higher purpose or something bigger than yourself.
  5. Find time to enjoy nature, from the rising sun to the starry sky, from the fresh air to the floating clouds.
  6. Appreciate being alive and every passing moment.
  7. Count all your blessings: your health, family, three meals a day, and a roof over your head.
  8. Express gratitude towards others, especially people who are kind to you.
  9. Practice random kindness—do small things to help or share your joy with others.
  10. Grant grace to others and practice forgiveness.
  11. Practice self-acceptance and self-compassion.
  12. Practice self-control over passion or dark impulses through fasting and pursuing the sacred.
  13. Practice humility by recognizing our own finiteness and limitations.
  14. Face uncertainty and difficulty with courage and faith.
  15. Connect with others as members of the human family.
  16. Develop a sense of higher consciousness with the transcendental realm.
  17. Develop a sense of awe and wonder towards the mysteries of life and nature.
  18. Make every day a special day of learning, growth, and service.

Happiness and meaningfulness will fill your life as you practice the above principles daily. Share with us your spiritual insights and experience at the MeetUp. Looking forward to seeing you.

Why is spirituality important?

How do we live spiritually? Why is a spiritual way of life is important for our well-being? These are two of the questions that were discussed in our Monthly Spiritual Roundtable.

To live spiritually is to live with a sense of transcendence, connectiveness, sacredness, mission, and meaning. Thus, a spiritual life is always oriented towards something or someone beyond and greater than oneself. Only in living spiritually can we find the motivation and courage to transcend our limitations and become our best in serving others. Only in living spiritually can we live fully and optimally.

Here are the reasons why:

  • A sense of transcendence allows us to see more possibilities and opportunities by rising above the constraints of the self and circumstances, by reaching out to a realm of reality that is invisible.
  • A sense of connectiveness and unity allows us to rise above the artificial barriers that divide us and enables us to see each other as belonging to the same big orchestra of life, and the undying oneness of all living things.
  • A sense of sacredness makes us aware of the value, meaning, and ultimate concerns inherent in life and each day, which are capable of evoking a deeply felt feeling of awe and reverence.
  • A sense of mission empowers us to make our best contributions better this world and enhance the well-being of others; it enables us to die without any regrets because of the legacy we will leave behind.
  • A sense of meaning makes suffering, absurdity, chaos, and uncertainty more bearable and transforms negative emotions into positive motivation.

Thus, a spiritual life is richer, deeper, and more meaningful than a life that is only lived at the egotistic and materialistic level.


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