What People Really Need

The Meaningful Living Project is designed to educate the general public about the science and art of meaning in life through Meetup groups and social media.

What is the greatest need in these uncertain times? What are people’s deepest yearnings? What is your most cherished dream? Yes, I know the popular answers: Good economy, good paying jobs, happiness, success, and all things that people typically strive for. But have you considered the unlikely answer that meaningful living might be what people really need?

Giving Positive Psychology Away as a Grassroots Movement to Resolve the Mental Health Crisis

Teaching people the positive psychology of meaning, resilience and well being is the most economic and empirically supported way to resolve the mental health crisis, according to renowned psychologist Dr. Paul T.P. Wong.

Since 2011 Dr. Paul Wong has organized the Toronto Meaningful Living (M4L) Meetup as a grassroots mental health movement. “Simply put, M4L represents my effort to provide road signs for all those who feel discouraged, confused, or stressed out in their quest for a more meaningful and rewarding life. It is also intended for all individuals who have the noble vision of making life better for all people” (http://www.inpm.org/m4l /).

Participants came from all walks of life with many cultural backgrounds meet together to learn the principles and practices of meaningful living. A more detailed description of the Meetup can be found in the Positive Psychology Newsletter . This meetup was also captured live in this video.

Wong mentions several benefits of M4L Meetups. These include: (a) providing a safe and trusting environment for people to learn new ways to relating and helping each other, (b) overcoming their fear of stigma in sharing each other’s struggles and successes, and (c) receiving free support and help from group interventions from a meaning therapist or facilitator. For those needing additional professional help would schedule individual sessions after the Meetup.

Over the years, numerous individuals have benefit from the meetup according to many unsolicited feedback. Some times, over 30 people came to the M4L meetup.

Meaningful Living Project meetup group

In his old age (82) and suffering from cancer, Wong still offers meetups, workshops and online courses. The theme of this new series of Meetup is “The 12 keys to unlock the power of meaning in healing and flourishing.” Interested individuals can register here.

His last wish is to train a thousand meaning therapists and facilitators so that they can promote positive mental health in many cities all over the world. He offers Meaning Therapy workshop in Toronto July 20-21 (www.meaning.ca/summer-institute/), but it can also be accessed through lifestreaming. This is part of the certificate course on existential positive psychology and meaning therapy.

This wish can be easily fulfilled, if it is supported by the positive psychology community, Government and granting agencies. “Why can’t they give Meaning Therapy a chance to help fight the mental health crisis of addiction, depression and suicide? ” Wong asks.