Course Materials for 2017

What Makes for a Happy & Healthy Marriage?


We all want to be happy and we all want love. Marriage seems to be the ideal answer to both of these wants. Unfortunately, instead of being a major source of happiness and fulfillment, marriage has become a constant source of stress and problems for many people.

Leo Tolstoy once said in Anna Karenina: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” In this new series of meetups, we will try to answer these important questions: What do happy and healthy marriages have in common? What are the frequent causes of marital problems? What can be done to resolve marriage conflicts?

We will seek answers from various sources: psychology research, clinical observations, philosophy, and religious/spiritual teachings. We hope that through lectures, group discussions and exercises, participants can improve their own marriage and family lives.


Lesson 1: Outline How to Repair and Strengthen Your Marital Foundation PDF DOC
— Handout Marriage Beliefs Test PDF DOC
Lesson 2: Outline How to Improve Your Marriage with Good Communication PDF DOC
— Handout Communication Skills Tracking Sheet PDF DOC
Lesson 3: Outline How to Reduce & Resolve Marital Conflicts PDF DOC
— Handout Marital Problems Questionnaire + Rules for Fair Fighting PDF DOC
Lesson 4: Outline How to Cultivate Love in Your Marriage PDF DOC
— Handout Love Map + Love Quiz PDF DOC
Lesson 5: Outline Different Faces of Marital Happiness PDF DOC
— Handout Theories and Types of Love and Happiness PDF DOC
Lesson 6: Outline Meaning of Marriage PDF DOC
— Handout Healthy Marriage Checklist + Review Questions PDF DOC

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