Course Materials for 2011

M4L Meaningful Living Course


Here is a glimpse of some of the information you’ll learn in this course.

Meaning-Centered Comprehensive Resilience: According to Dr. Paul T. P. Wong’s meaning-centered approach, a comprehensive resilience program contains at least the following ten lessons:

  1. Purposes and life goals
  2. Understanding the self and one’s place in the world
  3. Freedom and responsibility in the face of many options but a finite life
  4. The right and wrong pathways to happiness
  5. Courage to accept internal and external constraints
  6. Faith and belief in a better future
  7. Commitment to growth
  8. Discovering the hidden dimensions of self and new frontiers of life
  9. The power of altruism, empathy, compassion, and self-transcendence
  10. Positive thinking, attribution, and meaning-management


Discussion Topics PDF
Lesson 1 We Live Only Once Outline & Summary Life Orientation Scale (LOS) PPT
Lesson 2 Human Agency and Free Will Outline & Summary Control Attribution Scale (CAS) PPT
Lesson 3 The Human Quest for Meaning Outline & Summary Quest for Meaning Scale (QMS) PPT
Lesson 4 What is the Meaning of Life? How to Discover Meaning According to Victor Frankl Outline Meaningful Living Scale (MLS)

Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS)

Lesson 5 What is the Good Life? Major Sources of Meaning and Happiness Outline Personal Meaning Profile-Brief (PMP-B) PPT
Lesson 6 PURE Principle of Flourishing (Part 1) Outline PURE Test PPT
Lesson 7 PURE Principle of Flourishing (Part 2) Outline PPT
Lesson 8 Life Intelligence: Understanding Who You Are and What Life is All About Life Intelligence Test (LQ)

Rippling Effect Test (RET)

Lesson 10 Pathways to Happiness and Flourishing Meaningful Living Self-Assessment Scale (MLSAS) PPT
Overview Search for Meaning Screen Test (SMST)

Search for Meaning Scale (SMS, 2018 update)


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