Course Materials for 2013

Journey of Personal Development


March 2013


Introduction PPT
Lesson 1 Know Yourself: The Foundation for a Meaningful Life (Part 1) DOC PPT
Lesson 2 Know Yourself: The Foundation for a Meaningful Life (Part 2) DOC PPT
Lesson 3 Make Your Life Count: Discover What Really Matters DOC PPT
Lesson 4 Is Life Worth Living? Discover Viktor Frankl’s Profound Answer DOC PPT
Lesson 5 What is the Meaning of Meaning? Learn Where & How to Find It DOC PPT
Lesson 6 How Can I Find Happiness When Things Don’t Go My Way? DOC PPT
Lesson 7 Why Meaning Can Make All the Difference in Your Life DOC PPT
Lesson 8 What is the Key to Better Relationships? Learn Why Other People Matter DOC PPT
Lesson 9 How Do I Overcome Adversity? Use the ABCDE Strategy to Build Resilience DOC PPT
Lesson 10 What Do I Do When I Feel Stuck or Trapped? Use the Double Vision Strategy DOC PPT
Lesson 11 What’s the Best Way to Face Reality? Learn the Yin-Yang Principle DOC PPT
Lesson 12 How to Live a Good Life: The Meaning-Centered Approach to Well-Being DOC PPT

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