The International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM)’s mission is to advance meaning-centered research, interventions, and meaningful living. Its professional branch for researchers and practitioners is known as the International Society of Existential Positive Psychology (ISEPP) – an exciting new approach to integrating existential psychology and positive psychology (PP2.0).

Regular Member

As a regular professional member, you have direct access to new research ideas on how to flourish through suffering and new intervention ideas on integrative meaning therapy and coaching. You will also have training and network opportunities and be able to contribute to our journal and conferences.

It is open to all individuals who hold a minimum of a master’s degree in psychology or related fields (e.g., education, philosophy, nursing, medicine, business). Regular members can choose to be included in our online Therapists Directory or Integrative Meaning Therapy Network. They can also choose to be included in our Research Institute on Flourishing and Suffering (RIFS) and get involved in collaborative research.

Associate Member

The associate membership is for individuals who are interested in the INPM’s mission but do not have the required professional qualifications. It is for all people interested in learning the ABCs of positive mental health based on leading a deeper and more resilient life.

As an associative member, you will have access to a great deal of resources and training materials on meaningful living as a grassroots mental health movement. You can participate in our meaningful living meetups and access a vast library of keynotes and videos related to meaningful living.

Senior Member

The senior membership is for individuals over the age of 65. Senior members have access to the same benefits and resources as regular members.

Student Member

The student membership is for graduate or undergraduate students. Proof of current student status is required at the time of registration.

Why Become A Member?

  1. Become part of a meaning movement and a new existential psychology paradigm.
  2. Free subscription to the Quarterly Positive Living Newsletter.
  3. Access to the Meaningful Living Group and its materials.
  4. 20% discounts on INPM workshop, conference, and Summer Institute registration.
  5. 20% discount on INPM Publications.
  6. Free subscription and submission to our peer-reviewed online Journal.
  7. Expert consultation on meaning-focused research and clinical applications.
  8. Access to the INPM’s online learning library archive of previous workshop and conference recordings.

Membership Fees

Length Member Associate
1 year $90 $90 $60 $60
3 year $245 $245

Note: All membership dues are in Canadian dollars (CDN). If paying using a non-Canadian credit card, your card supplier will provide the exchange using their daily rate as per the terms of your agreement. Membership dues are not refundable. If you have any questions, please contact us before registering.

Note: Members are able to turn on and off automatic renewals from their “View Subscription” page. (See Home > Membership > My Account > My subscription)

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