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Meaningful Living Project Membership Benefits

  1. The privilege of being part of an international team in advancing meaning, spirituality and peace.
  2. The privilege of making a difference in the world by promoting the existential, spiritual perspective on major issues affecting humanity.
  3. The privilege of posting opinion pieces or research articles on our website.
  4. Free consultation on meaning-centered research and counselling.
  5. Free subscription to our online Journals.
  6. Access to a complete archive of all past articles posted on
  7. Involvement in various activities related to INPM.
  8. Leadership opportunities in the development of INPM.
  9. Networking with researchers, psychologists, and other professionals.
  10. Receiving 20% discounts attending INPM workshops and conferences, and for purchasing INPM Publications.

*These benefits apply to Student and Regular membership. Additional benefits of Professional Membership will be provided upon request.

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