Meaning of Life

Integrity and Honesty

Célia Maria Leal da Costa

Those two words – integrity and honesty – remind me first of all of my grand-father: A jurisconsult, father of 14 children, throughout his life he has always emphasized honesty and character strength.

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The Importance of Empathy

Christine Bruun

The value of empathy is widely recognized. Both anecdotal sources and empirical research provide evidence for its positive effects. The renowned Viennese psychiatrist, Alfred Adler, noted that to have empathy is “to see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another, to feel with the heart of another.” This description is markedly different from “sympathy,” in which there is distance between the observer and the experiencer.

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Generosity is a two-way street

Carolyn Cooke

The most interesting thing about generosity – and one thing I am just now learning – is that there is a generosity at work in receiving as well as giving.

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The First Precept: Reverence for Life

Thich Nhat Hanh

The First Precept is born from the awareness that lives everywhere are being destroyed. We see the suffering caused by the destruction of life, and we undertake to cultivate compassion and use it as a source of energy for the protection of people, animals, plants, and minerals.

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Finding Meaning Through Intuition

Cathy Patterson-Sterling

Sometimes people are able to recognize their higher purpose or potential for having greater meaning in their lives because they feel moved by their own intuition. Individuals experience their intuition when they have a deeper sense of inner wisdom as to what actions they should be doing.

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Discovering the soul and the symphony within the void

Jane E. Nelson

At first I listened carefully but time passed and I began to get used to the quiet. But it wasn’t quiet, the air was full of sound. I began to turn my attention to what I came to call, the music of the day or indeed the music of the moment.

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Contentment as the Way of Nature: Insights from Taoism

Chen Yu-Hsi

Mainstream psychology is not concerned with greed, or excessive desires, as a morbidity that can lead to emotive disorders and mental suffering. Instead, it hypothesizes that the gratification of desires and wants is a necessary condition for mental health and happiness.

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Caught between two cultures

She hates Math, loves Shakespeare but As a Canadian of Chinese origin She finds herself stereotyped

Caroline Fei-Yeng Kwok

I feel as if I belong to North America and, of course, to Canada in particular. I work here as a teacher of English as a second language and I have friends here. Really, if you ask me where I’m from, I would say that I am from Canada. I am proud of the fact that I am a Canadian. And above all, I’m proud of the fact that I am a Canadian of Chinese origin.

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The Buddha on Compassion: An Existential Approach

Chen Yu-Hsi

Love and compassion are the two key components of the Four Noble States of Mind revealed by the Buddha. In their eagerness to live a moral life, some Buddhists may regard love and compassion as a moral or ethical norm to live up to, or as a lofty ideal to ‘advocate.’

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Beating the winter blues

Eddy Elmer

As the days get shorter and we enter the thick of the winter season, there is no shortage of advice for how to deal with the proverbial winter blues. Turn on the TV, open any newspaper, or browse through any magazine, and you’ll be sure to find all sorts of ‘quick, useful strategies for lifting your spirits.’

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