The 9th Biennial International Meaning Conference in Toronto

Spirituality, Self-Transcendence, & Second Wave Positive Psychology

July 28-31, 2016

Confirmed keynote speakers include: Robert Neimeyer, Mick Cooper, Kirk Schneider, Harold Koenig, William Breitbart, Clara Hill, Alex Pattakos, Itai Ivtzan, Alexander Batthyány, and Paul T. P. Wong.

Hotel Novotel Toronto North York (3 Park Home Ave, Toronto, ON).

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Poster Submission Deadline extended to February 1st

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Please Note: You can still submit paper proposals for consideration on our waitlist. (Should there be any changes or cancellations, papers will then be chosen from the waitlist. Those that are not chosen may still be offered a poster presentation.)

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Psychologist reveals nature’s secret to mental health

Just as physical health depends on nutrients, clean air and water, and exercise, mental health depends on love, meaning, and active engagement. This is nature’s way to keep us happy and healthy.

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The INPM is dedicated to advancing health, spirituality, peace and human fulfillment through research, education and applied psychology with a focus on the universal human quest for meaning and purpose. We accomplish this mission through research, publications, conferences, and public education.

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Meaningful Living
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A Less Traveled Road to Healing and Flourishing

Something unusual and significant is happening in Toronto, quietly and under the radar, but it won’t be for long, until this heart-warming story catches national attention.

Every other Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening, people from all walks of life gather at the residence of Dr. Paul T. P. Wong for regular Meaningful Living Group Meetup.

Participants come from all ethnic backgrounds and different walks of life: Graduate students, retirees, mental health professionals, entrepreneurs, accountants, engineers, and stay-home moms.

Toronto Meaningful Living Meetup   Meaningful Living Group Information

According to Wong's meaning-centered approach, a comprehensive resileince program contains at least the following ten lessons: 1) Purposes & life goals, 2) Understanding the self and one's place in the world, 3) Freedom & responsibility in the face of many opitions but a finite life, 4) The right & wrong pathways to happiness, 5) Courage to accept internal and external constraints, 6) Faith & belief in a better future, 7) Commitment to growth, 8) Discovering the hidden dimensions of self and new frontiers of life, 9) The power of self-transcendence, empathy, compassion, & altruism, 10) Positive thinking, attribution and meaning-management.

We had an excellent write-up on the Group Meet-up by BizMum on her blog. You can check it out here:

You are invited to join the Toronto Meetup Group and learn about these important life skills. For additional questions, email


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Meaning Conferences

INPM hosts biennial conferences on meaning, bringing together reasearchers, practitioners and students from a variety of fields, to share their experiences with meaning-based study. Details of past conferences can be found here:

The Meaningful Living Project

Wooded pathwayWhat is the greatest need in these uncertain times? What are people’s deepest yearnings? What is your most cherished dream?

Yes, I know the popular answers: Good economy, good paying jobs, happiness, success and all things that people typically strive for.

But have you considered the unlikely answer that meaningful living might be what people really need?

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Control Attribution Scale (CAS): This brief scale is intended to measure your belief in personal autonomy and external control. This exercise is part of our Meaningful Living Project. For those of you interested in this project, please visit,, or

Download the .pdf here

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The Good Life is a Meaningful Life

Paul T. P. Wong

Couple standing on a beach at sunsetEveryone without exception yearns for a good life, but people have very different ideas about what makes life worth living.
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