Newsletter: Positive Living in Difficult Times

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Recent Issues:

  • December 2020 — What Positives Came out of the Pandemic? An Optimistic View of the New Normal
  • October 2020 — Find Out How You Can Benefit From Loneliness
  • July 2020 — Resources for Frontline Workers on How to Turn Fear & Anxiety Into Resilience

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Past Issues

  • April 2020 — SPECIAL ISSUE: You need resilience to overcome the mental health crisis of COVID-19
  • January 2020 — A New Science of Positive Change for the New Year
  • October 2019 — Responsibility is the antidote to the chaos in our society — find out why!
  • July 2019 — Positive Living in Difficult Times
  • March 2019 — How can I overcome my fear of shame?
  • January 2019 — Milestones — past and future
  • September 2018 — 2018 Meaning Conference and the Future of the INPM
  • May 2018 — Join us in Vancouver!
  • January 2018 — The Meaning of 2018 is Still to be Written
  • November 2017 — Good Things Are Happening
  • July 2017 — Recent Milestones in the Meaning Movement
  • May 2017 — Courage, Faith, Meaning, and Mature Happiness in Dangerous Times
  • November 2016 — The Three Basic Tenets of Second Wave Positive Psychology
  • July 2016 — PP2.0 Summit: How to Embrace the Dark Side to Make Life Better
  • May 2016 — A Perfect Storm is Coming to the Meaning Conference
  • March 2016 — New Developments in Second Wave Positive Psychology
  • January 2016
  • Christmas 2015
  • November 2015
  • September 2015
  • June 2015
  • April 2015
  • January 2015
  • This month we look at meaning, and how you find it in your life. Where do you find it when times are bad? Articles by Dr William Evans, and Dr Paul Wong. Editorial by Chris Schryer. News and events, and quotes.
    October 2007
  • On Positive Revolution. Articles by Dr Paul Wong, Dr William Evans, Arun Ghandi. Editorial by Chris Schryer. News and events, and quotes.
    August 2007
  • On Leadership. Articles by Dr Paul Wong and Christine W. Zust, editorial by Chris Schryer, News and events, and quotes.
    June 2007
  • On work, and meaning in work. President’s column, President-Elect’s column, member contribution, editorial, news, and quotes.
    March 2007
  • On happiness. President’s column, re-printed article, editorial, news and quotes.
    January 2007