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Meaning of Life and Meaning of Death in Successful Aging

Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D.

Posted Dec 14, 2016

I can never forget the angry reaction from a number of seniors right after the key- note address on successful aging at a major gerontological society convention. The speaker was a prominent authority on the topic, yet his message was met with disapproval and even anger from a small group of seniors standing close to me…

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Meaning Management Theory and Death Acceptance

Paul T. P. Wong

Posted Dec 13, 2016

Imagine yourself on board a train, which is out of control and doomed to end in a fatal crash. Nothing can be done to slow it down or to change the track. Worse still, there is no exit – no one can get out of the train. As a passenger, how would you cope? What would ease your death anxiety?

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Pope John Paul II on the Meaning of Life and the Dignity of Suffering

Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Posted Dec 5, 2016

Pope John Paul II died on April 2, 2005. A sea of pilgrims are descending on Rome to pay their last respect to their long-serving, long-suffering spiritual leader. The world is united in celebrating his lifetime extraordinary achievements. Accolades and tributes continue to pour in from all over the world, and significantly, from prominent leaders of other faith traditions

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A New Year’s Reflection

In the Meantime

Bill Evans

Posted Dec 30, 2006

I often remember how a former professor of mine, the late Dr. Carlyle Marney, once said in class, “most of life is lived in the meantime, and unless one learns to live life in the meantime, one is less than half alive!” What did Marney mean by that?…

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Existentialism and ACT

Exposition in existential terms of a case of “Negative Schizophrenia” approached by means of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Marino Pérez-Álvarez
José M. García-Montes

Posted Aug 19, 2006

The present work attempts to show, through a case study, the possibilities of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) applied from existential thought. First of all we describe the symptoms referred to by a patient diagnosed as suffering from “negative schizophrenia”. These symptoms are then analyzed in existential terms, with special emphasis on the notion of “personal identity”.

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Life is about letting go

Paul T. P. Wong

Posted Aug 12, 2006

Surrounded by mountains of boxes piling from floor to ceiling, I feel like being confined in a prison of my own making. I am now paying dearly for having accumulated so much earthly goods.

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Existentialism and ABC

Connecting Theory to Programming: Using Existentialism and Adventure Based Counseling with Adolescents

J. Scott Glass
Jeanna Jackson

Posted Aug 1, 2006

Adventure based counseling programs have been used with adolescents in a variety of settings. Typically, adventure based counseling programs are group oriented and help participants take responsibility for their own actions, increase self-awareness and connect with others. One potential limitation of adventure based counseling programs is that they are rarely identified with any established counseling theory.

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Harm Reduction Approaches to Addiction Treatment

Executive Director’s Column

Geoff Thompson

Posted Jul 1, 2006

Harm reduction (HR) approaches to addiction treatment are famous mostly for ending up on the front pages of newspapers: tax-payer funded sites for injection drug users to shoot up, supplying heroin to heroin addicts, needle exchanges, and the like. Disciples of abstinence denounce loudly such efforts, but an increasing number of healthcare professionals are touting […]

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Course outlines on Meaning-Centered Counseling and Therapy

Dr. Paul T. P. Wong

Posted Jun 1, 2006

Dr. Paul T. P. Wong has given workshops and courses on Meaning-Centered Counseling around the world. We are happy to post the course syllabus and lecture notes of the Meaning-Centered Course given by Dr. Paul Wong at Tyndale University College; these lecture notes will be posted in installments on this website. The course explores Dr. Yalom’s existential psychotherapy, Dr. Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy and Wong’s integrative meaning-centered counselling. If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact

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