Introducing the EPP Bulletin

Posted Jun 24, 2022

The first issue of the monthly Existential Positive Psychology (EPP) Bulletin will be released this July, exclusive for INPM members. It will contain the latest INPM news, provide information about meaning-centered activities and research opportunities around the world, showcase the ideas and publications of INPM members…and much more! Advertisement on the EPP Bulletin is free […]

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Joshua Wong Research Scholarship Contest

Posted Jun 24, 2022

This scholarship contest is to encourage graduate students to get involved in the exciting new fields of existential positive psychology (PP 2.0). All submissions need to be related to some aspects of PP2.0 which can be found in Wong (2019, 2021). Submissions may be based on empirical research, case studies, literature review, or theoretical formulation. […]

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History of the Meaningful Living Project

Paul T. P. Wong

Posted Jan 8, 2022

The Meaningful Living Project was conceived and launched by Dr. Paul T. P. Wong in 2011 according to his Facebook posting on January 1, 2011: “Woke up early this morning, praying for ways to get through all the competing voices and get my message out. How can I sum up the Meaningful Living Movement in […]

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Miscellany October 2020

Posted Oct 7, 2020

A NEW CERTIFICATE COURSE on the New Science of Staying Positive in the Midst of COVID-19 Related Suffering and Death Learn from one of the originators of second wave positive psychology (PP 2 .0) about how to embrace the dark side of human existence. Dr. Paul T. P. Wong will offer a Certificate Course on […]

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Miscellany July 2020

Posted Jul 6, 2020

INPM Webinars The INPM is pleased to announce two free  webinars hosted by Dr. Paul T.P. Wong on growing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Webinar A explains: (a) Why we need to accept COVID-19 as an opportunity to develop existential courage to transcend suffering as a rock foundation to build a better life, and (b) Why […]

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Multinational Research on Psychological Coping With COVID-19

Nikolett Eisenbeck
David F. Carreno

Posted Apr 17, 2020

We are conducting an international study in more than 30 countries around the world, including the areas most affected by the COVID-19 thus far, such as Spain, Italy, and the United States of America. The goal of the study is to evaluate how people cope psychologically with the current coronavirus crisis (e.g., confinement, feelings of […]

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The 31 Absolute Best Resources for Self Improvement

David Riklan

Posted Dec 1, 2017

Every week, I hear from people with the same Self Improvement questions: Where should I go for help? What should I do? Who should I listen to? This article is designed to help you explore all of the people, places and things available to help you improve your life starting today…

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