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President’s Column – September 2003

Spirituality and Meaning at Work

Paul T. P. Wong

Posted Sep 1, 2003


A healthy dosage of spirituality and meaning at the workplace is good for business, because it improves morale and productivity. This view is gaining currency among management consultants, human resources professionals and mainstream business schools. The movement to bring spirit and soul to business is no passing fad; it continues to grow and with no signs of abating. Clearly, something significant and enduring is stirring the corporate world.

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Abstinence approaches to addiction treatment

Executive Director’s Column

Geoff Thompson

Posted Jun 20, 2003

The public in Canada and the United States has been educated (or, perhaps more accurately, ‘trained’) to accept Hollywood’s version as the addict’s reality. Professionals label this the ‘abstinence approach’, which sees the recovering addict doomed to struggle throughout the lifespan…

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What Makes Therapy Therapeutic?

George Kunz

Posted May 21, 2003

What makes therapy therapeutic? Is it transference and counter transference? Is it the therapeutic alliance? Is it unconditional positive regard? Yes! All these are therapeutic. However, we need to ask deeper philosophical questions about the nature of this relationship, this unique face-to-face encounter between client and therapist. With careful reflection on psychotherapy, I will make […]

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Radical positive psychology for radical times

Paul T. P. Wong

Posted Apr 21, 2003

International terrorism, radical fundamentalism, natural disasters, AIDS, ethno-geographical wars, oppressive regimes, devastating poverty and the widening gap between the haves and have-nots indicate that the state of the world is not well. Radical positive psychology is needed for the radical times of 21st century…

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Transpersonal Psychology and Spiritual Wisdom Traditions

John Davis

Posted Jan 21, 2003

Some thirty years after its birth as a field of study, transpersonal psychology is moving into a new level of maturity and possibility. Its central interests are becoming both more well-defined and more broad-ranging. Its applications in clinical and counseling psychology, health care, social services, education, business settings, and community development are growing in number and depth…

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