Don Laird

As a board member since 2022 and serving as the INPM Chair for Professional Development and Education, Don continues to dedicate himself to advancing INPM’s mission by promoting meaning, flourishing, and existential positive psychology through education, writing, and conferences. Don has had the honor of co-authoring several published papers with Dr. Wong as well as contributing articles to the INPM newsletter and journal.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and adjunct professor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Don firmly believes the journey to good mental health starts with a meaningful conversation and ends with helping others create a life worth living. With over 22 years of clinical experience, Don’s approach to therapy is guided by the pursuit of wellness, creativity, flourishing, and meaning. He is interested in the client’s story – how they arrived at this point in life – and where they go from here.

“For me, psychology and therapy have always been about finding meaning through the understanding of suffering and fostering creative action, which is why positive existential psychology and INPM’s mission in particular appeals to me.”

In addition to providing existential psychotherapy and professional counseling, Don is also the clinical director at eTalkTherapy, LLC where he offers existential life coaching, wellness seminars, and LPC supervision. As an adjunct professor at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, he leads graduate students through the illuminating worlds of integrative existential psychotherapy, psychology of film, and counseling theory.