Alfried Längle

Alfried LangleAlfried Längle, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c., was born in Austria in 1951. He studied medicine and psychology at the Universities of Innsbruck, Rome, Toulouse and Vienna.

After years of hospital work in general medicine, psychiatry and in an outpatient department of social psychiatry, he started a private practice in psychotherapy, general medicine and clinical psychology in Vienna in 1982.

During that same year he came into close collaboration with Viktor Frankl (1983-1991). He assisted Frankl’s lectures at the university and worked with him in many relevant fields of Logotherapy.

Längle is the founder and president of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (Vienna). Viktor Frankl was the society’s honorary president until 1990, at which time he resigned because of Längle’s new developments in the field of existential analysis (methods, implication of existential self-experience in the training seminars, rejecting the exclusive use of the meaning paradigm in psychotherapy by implementing also the biographical access).

Längle is a constant lecturer at the Universities of Vienna (since 1984), Innsbruck (1994), Graz (1995), Moscow and Buenos Aires (2000). He also founded the training school of Existential-Analytical Psychotherapy, which is stately approved in Austria, Switzerland, Tchek Republic and Rumania.

In 2000 Längle got a honorary doctor’s degree in recognition of his developments in the field of existential analysis from the medical faculty of the university of Temesvar.

Längle was also editor and co-editor of the Journal Existenzanalyse.


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