De-Balkanizing Happiness Via a Motivational Approach to Defining and Testing Eudaimonic Theories


Author: Kennon M. Sheldon, Ph.D.

Category: Meaning Conference Proceedings

Pages: 8

JEPP Issue: Vol. 9 No. 1

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This is an informal transcript based on a talk given at the 2018 Meaning Conference
hosted by the International Network on Personal Meaning in Vancouver, Canada.
This talk showed how “balkanized” the concept of happiness had become due to
the increasing potential definitions and measures of happiness. Second, it also
showed that the concept of “eudaimonic well-being” is one cause of this problem.
Third, it offered four suggestions for achieving greater parsimony and progress in
the field of well-being research. Finally, it presented Sheldon’s Eudaimonic
Activity Model (EAM) as a framework with which to test and compare various
eudaimonic-type theories.