Decisive Moments of Change: An Integrity Model Perspective


Author: Nedra R. Lander, Ph.D

Category: Meaning Conference Proceedings

Pages: 12

JEPP Issue: Vol. 7 No. 2

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The respected psychologist O. H. Mowrer (1907–1982) was one of the first to focus on today’s issues of values, morality, mindfulness, and meaningfulness from an integrity perspective. Expanding on Mowrer’s Integrity (Therapy) Group approach, Lander and Nahon have evolved the Integrity model (e.g., Lander, 1980, 1986; Lander & Nahon, 1992, 2005, 2015; Nahon & Lander, 1992, 2008, 2016). A growing empirical and clinical literature based on nearly five decades of Integrity-based psychotherapy indicates that individuals have been receptive to this positive, wellness- and values-based Integrity model of existential psychotherapy. Featuring a case study, this article offers a philosophical and clinical exploration of the decisive moments of change in therapy and the manner in which these occur within the therapeutic journey, thus setting the stage for the process of significant and sustainable change.