Existential Treatment of Personal and Career Concerns: A Case Study


Author: C. Daniel Crosby, Doctoral Candidate

Category: Articles

Pages: 6

JEPP Issue: Vol. 2 No. 2

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The following is a case study that largely revolves around one session with a client, ABC (name and initials changed). I have examined this session in some depth, but also refer to other sessions in order to show progress and give context to the study. It is my hope that writing this case study will help illustrate how some of the more ethereal concepts of existential thought can have a great deal of utility in the therapy hour. ABC presented with both personal and career problems, both of which I conceptualized and attempted to treat from an existential framework. I do not feel as though my work with this client was extraordinary. Rather, I have chosen this case study because it is illustrative of a common course of treatment and common existential concerns.