Mindfulness, Character Strengths Infusion, and the Mind-Body Connection: A Theoretical Perspective


Authors: Eliana Cobain, M. A.

Category: Article

Pages: 18

IJEPP Issue: Vol. 11 no. 2

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Adverse childhood experiences sever biological connections within the psychoneuroimmunoendocrine (PNI) super-system making self-regulation difficult. In the absence of a strategic psychological intervention, emotional dysregulation can manifest into mental and physical ill health. However, illness is the body’s way of communicating the need for mind-body connection. Optimistically, systematic practice of mindfulness aids neurobiological plasticity that increases self-regulation. While mindfulness has empirically demonstrated links with the mind-body connection, mindfulness-based strengths practice (MBSP) has not been considered in this context. This paper reviews literature into mindfulness interventions with a focus on strengths prior to presenting a theoretical perspective of MBSP as a mind-body intervention. It theorises that when the body attempts to powerfully teach the need for mind-body connection, MBSP can play a role. It can simultaneously maximise two self-regulatory processes. Maintaining moral values and wisdom are advantageous for both the mind-body connection and good character.