“The Quiet Revolutionary”: A Timely Revisiting of Carl Rogers’ Visionary Contribution to Human Understanding


Author: Kathleen O’Dwyer

Category: Articles

Pages: 12

JEPP Issue: Vol. 4 No. 1

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Many aspects of life today are perceived as complex and perplexing, and in particular the many-faceted area of human relationships. This article argues that the ideas and visions of Carl Rogers offer a constructive and encouraging perspective which merits a re-examination and a consideration of its relevance in our contemporary world. Rogers’ work was primarily directed towards the development of his counselling and psychotherapeutic theories. However, his writings also convey a deep commitment to intimacy, genuineness and real communication in significant relationships in everyday life. Rogers’ vision of genuine relationship may be deemed idealistic and irrelevant to contemporary living; however, an examination of Rogers’ ‘core conditions’ for optimal human relating and his understanding of human flourishing reveals a courageous faith and hope in human nature. Perhaps, our present world, with its ever-expanding array of virtual connectivity and corresponding alienation, may be enriched by a careful consideration of Rogers’ insights and ideals.