The Relationship Between the Five Existential Concerns and Broader Well-Being


Author: Daniel Robert Stubbings, Ph.D

Category: Articles

Pages: 17

JEPP Issue: Vol. 10 No. 1

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Kretschmer and Storm (2017) previously examined the five existential concerns (death, isolation, identity, freedom, and meaning) and their statistical relationship to depressive symptoms. This study expands the previous literature by exploring whether or not the findings extend to other domains of well-being. One hundred and twenty-four participants completed a questionnaire battery to assess the existential concerns and their relationship to outcomes on the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation-Outcome Measure (CORE-OM). Findings indicated that the existential domains are inter-related and all domains other than freedom were predictive of scores on the CORE-OM. This study supports the notion that existential dynamics might be fundamental in the emergence of psychological, social and physical well-being.