What is Existential Positive Psychology?


Author: Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D

Category: Editorial

Pages: 10

JEPP Issue: Vol. 3 No. 1

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Positive psychology (PP) with its focus on what is good and right with people is Pollyannaish, because it ignores the bleak reality of human existence. Existential psychology (EP) with its focus on death anxiety, meaninglessness and alienation is dark, because it does not pay enough attention to the joy of living. Positive psychology without existential insights and phenomenological analysis is full of adolescent exuberance but lacking in depth. Existential psychology without rigorous research on human strengths and positive affects is full of wisdom but lacking in youthful vitality. Therefore, it makes sense to bring these two separate domains of psychology together, resulting in existential positive psychology (EPP) or positive existential psychology (PEP), depending on one’s preference. The Journal of IJEPP is home to all kinds of articles related to EPP.