The INPM is pleased to announce two free Dr. Paul T.P. Wong webinars on growing during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Webinar A explains: (a) Why we need to accept COVID-19 as an opportunity to develop existential courage to transcend suffering as a rock foundation to build a better life, and (b) Why the new science of suffering is necessary for sustainable flourishing in times like this.

Webinar B shows: (a) How Viktor Frankl developed the antidote against suffering, and (b) How existential positive interventions transform suffering into character strength and joy.

These two webinars constitute the Introduction to a Certificate Course on Existential Positive Psychology (PP 2.0) and Meaning-Focused Interventions, which will be offered later.

All registrants will receive Dr. Wong’s new ebook Made for Resilience and Happiness as the textbook for the webinar.

To register for these webinars click here. Space is limited so register today!

The presenter: Dr. Paul T. P. Wong Ph.D., C.Psych is the President of the INPM and a renowned psychologist, who pioneers in the new science of flourishing through suffering. He invites you to inquire about becoming a member of the new Research Institute on Flourishing & Suffering.