Meaning-Focused Therapy

Course outlines on Meaning-Centered Counseling and Therapy

Dr. Paul T. P. Wong
Dr. Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D, C.Psych

Dr. Paul T. P. Wong has given workshops and courses on Meaning-Centered Counseling around the world. We are happy to post the course syllabus and lecture notes of the Meaning-Centered Course given by Dr. Paul Wong at Tyndale University College; these lecture notes will be posted in installments on this website. The course explores Dr. Yalom’s existential psychotherapy, Dr. Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy and Wong’s integrative meaning-centered counselling. If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact

Lecture 1 Introduction to Existential Therapy and Meaning-Centered Counselling
Lecture 2 Meaning is All We Need, and Relationship is All We Have
Lecture 3 Existential approaches and skills
Lecture 4 Logotherapy and Spirituality
Lecture 5 The Meaning of Life
Lecture 6 The Meaning of Death
Lecture 7 Meaning in Suffering
Lecture 8 Meaning of Work
Lecture 9 The Meaning of Love
Lecture 10 Neurosis
Lecture 11 Depression and Schizophrenia
Lecture 12 Therapeutic techniques of logotherapy