Thresholds of Time

Damon McGregor

The time of the hour clicks on,
It passes me by, tantalizing me to catch it,
But is untouchable.

Seasons in our lives press on, towards and beyond.
Childhood realism is slowly stripped away
To an earthly realm,
To be conceived, but never achieved, from this point on.

Dreams that once drove life,
Now bring suffering to drive life’s dreams.

Limits placed on the virgin mind,
Now surpassed,
beyond what used to be understanding .
The hand and the mind betraying one’s own heart,
My own greatest adversary being myself,
Misguiding and misleading me away from my destination,
Or so I think.

I step through portals to reach my own world,
Trying to keep a consistent pace and direction,
But not even knowing my way, only my aura.

Time and life go on, and stand still for no one,
All I can do is steer and direct it into my inner self,
From reality to dreams, and from dreams to reality.

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