Elisabeth Lukas

Elisabeth LukasElisabeth Lukas studied psychology and psychotherapy at the Viennese University under the supervision of Dr. Giselher Guttmann and Dr. Viktor E. Frankl. In 1972, she completed her dissertation, Logotherapy as a Personality Theory, and moved with her family to Germany, where she still resides today.

In 1973, she began work in counseling centres, later becoming the director of a counseling center in Munich, a position she held for nine years. In 1996, she founded he South German Institute of Logotherapy; she has remained the Director of the Institute since its inception.

She has written 22 books (which have been translated into 11 languages) about the application and further development of logotherapy, and has taught at 50 universities in several countries. In 1991 she was honoured by Santa Clara University for “Outstanding Contributions in Counseling Psychology to the World Community.” Dr. Lukas is seen as “the leading protégée of Viktor E. Frankl.”