Positive Living Newsletter

Many Positive Psychologies

Edward C. Chang, Ph.D.

Working with an international team of experts—Dr. Christina Downey (USA), Dr. Hongfei Yang (China), Dr. Ingo Zettler (Denmark), and Dr. Mine Muyan-Yılık (Turkey)—I am proud to announce the forthcoming of our edited volume by Springer entitled, The International Handbook of Positive Psychology: A Global Perspective on the Science of Positive Human Existence. This work is the culmination of several years of effort among the editors to offer something novel to the global community. To our knowledge, it is the first handbook of positive psychology to focus on major developments from all major regions around the world. And of course, the pioneering and diverse works of Dr. Paul T. P. Wong is appropriately noted and discussed in our volume.

Our ultimate hope is that our work will continue to facilitate growth in the importance and development of positive psychology education, research, theory, and intervention, on a global scale. Instead of a positive psychology, we are excited to witness and celebrate the development of many positive psychologies from around the world!