International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology

A Meaningful Death as a Function of a Meaningful Life: An Integrity Model Perspective

Nedra R. Lander, Ph.D

University of Ottawa

Danielle Nahon, Ph.D

University of Ottawa


Life is a process and journey whose end point is death. Without our personal values, we are undefined, fearful, and stressed. This theoretical and clinically-based paper provides an Integrity model perspective of living well and dying well. Evolving from Mowrer’s (1953, 1964) work, the Integrity model (Lander & Nahon, 1992, 2005) examines the value structures within the multiple facets of life, and whether they provide a sense of meaning or a profound sense of meaninglessness for individuals in despair, including those facing end of life issues, or who are in the throes of death anxiety to the point of terror.

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