International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology

Self-SOULstice Model of Affirmation

D. Dionne Bates, Ph.D

Counseling and Career Development Center, Georgia Southern University


Self-affirmation is based on the consistency of how adaptively and morally one sees oneself, and the authenticity and consistency of how one presents oneself to others. The ability to affirm self is rooted in one’s self-concept, which is deeply connected to self-image and self-integrity. Oftentimes, individuals have difficulty affirming themselves as a result of a wounded self-concept, impeding their ability to affirm others and difference in general. The Self-SOULstice Model of Affirmation outlines four stages that clarify the evolutionary process that ties the manifestation of affirming others to self-affirmation and living authentically. This model contends that the soul (i.e., the intrinsic self) is the core of the self, where affirmation begins. This process, which places the self at the center of all stages, demonstrates that there can be no true affirming of others without affirmation of self.

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