International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology

Second Wave Positive Psychology

Itai Ivtzan, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Naropa University

Lesley Lyle, M.Sc.

Associate Lecturer, MAPP Programme, Bucks New University

Gordon Medlock, Ph.D

Director, Career Coaching Program, Wright Graduate University


Positive psychology (PP) is commonly associated with the theory and research of positive psychological qualities, positive states, and positive aspects of life. Yet, in reality, it includes some of the most difficult, painful, and challenging experiences that are commonly encountered during the course of a lifetime. This article offers an overview of PP and explores the emergence of second wave positive psychology (SWPP), a field concerned with the philosophical and conceptual complexities of the notion of “positive,” and considers the dialectical nature of flourishing through the dynamic interplay of both positive and negative experiences.

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