International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology

Facilitating Partnerships: Using the AGILE Strategic Thinking Model

Eileen Dowse,, Ph.D.

Certified Master Facilitator (CMF) with Human Dynamics Inc.


Creating collaborative relationships is commonly viewed as the most challenging
and widely-used competency during strategic thinking. Realism is also at the heart
of execution. Strategic thinking approaches typically attempt to find an optimal
match between the resources and capabilities available from a person or
organization’s strengths (and limitations) and the external market and
environmental conditions. Trends, opportunities, and threats are key to creating new sustainable strategies. The AGILE Strategic Thinking Model works off the acronym AGILE. It is based on the fundamentals of positive psychology and is useful for facilitating partnerships, and helping individuals and organizations excel in their
development and delivery. This model presented merges the available resources
and capabilities to produce a solution-based strategy for optimizing performance.

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