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Announcing the Certificate Program for Existential Positive Psychology (PP2.0) and Meaning Therapy

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The long awaited certificate program for existential positive psychology and meaning therapy will soon be offered jointly by the International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) and the Meaning-Centered Counselling Institute. Dr. Paul Wong, a pioneer in the emerging field of existential positive psychology (aka positive psychology 2.0, or PP 2.0) states that, “Over the years many positive psychology coaches and master of applied positive psychology (MAPP) students have told me that my existential positive psychology (PP 2.0) approach, as a special brand of positive psychology, has changed their lives and practices for the better.”

That is why we want to invite more positive psychology students, researchers, and practitioners to enroll in this newly-available certificate program, which is on the cutting edge of both applied positive psychology and existential psychotherapy.

We are witnessing rising suicide rates in young people (Nationwide Children’s, 2023) and increasing number of people asking for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID; Paperny, 2022). Meaning therapy is designed to address these personal existential crises and other global existential threats such as climate change, the pandemic and the power of Artificial Intelligence.

What is the New Science of Flourishing Through Suffering?

A new science of flourishing through suffering has emerged to find solutions for the existential challenges of the 21st century (see Wong et al., 2021, 2022). Specifically, this new paradigm for wellbeing consists of the following shifts:

  • The new positivity is to see the light, be the light, and to kindle a light of meaning even in one’s darkest hours.
  • When life gets difficult, go deeper by sinking one’s roots deeper into the dark, rich soil of suffering through resilience and levels of processing.
  • Aim high and aspire to grow tall and flourish by faith and the discipline of self-sacrifice and daily self-improvement.
  • Learn to integrate polarity through dialectical Yin-Yang interactions and non-duality.
  • Learn to overcome and transcend inherent limitations and inescapable suffering through self-transcendence and a resilient mindset.

You can learn all the above skills and other innovative interventions in this certificate program. Positive psychology 2.0 reveals the road less travelled, how to transform suffering into blessings, and the value of striving towards the highest transcendental values of faith, hope, and love (Wong, 2023).

Level one – The Four Foundational Courses

Four introductory courses will be taught by Dr. Paul T. P. Wong this fall:

  • Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy: The key to mental health and flourishing
  • Integrative Meaning Therapy: How to harness the positive potentials of suffering and turn it into healing and thriving.
  • Existential Positive Psychology: The new science of global wellbeing and human flourishing through research on indigenous manifestations of existential universals.
  • The Meaningful Living Project: A grassroots movement towards positive mental health.

You will learn the theoretical and empirical foundation of this emerging field step-by-step, interventions, and research on new positive psychology assessments. Sign up for a complimentary free Positive Living Newsletter to receive additional announcements about this unique certificate program.



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