Conference Feedback

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for including me on this panel. I am so grateful for the opportunity.

The summit was excellent. One of the best panels I have seen in a long time.

Jose Rodriguez

Participating, both as a Qigong teacher and attendee, in the 11th Biennial International Meaning Conference has been such an inspiring, meaningful, educational, wonderful, and important experience for me. You all must have put in innumerable hours to prepare for, organize, orchestrate, and implement this virtual conference so professionally and brilliantly. It is by far the best, most memorable, significant psychology conference I have ever attended. I look forward to viewing the videos of presentations I was fortunate to attend, especially Paul’s, to studying the slides that presenters are making available, and to seeing videos of sessions I missed.  You each have been so welcoming, supportive, communicative, understanding, and kind. Thanks so much to each of you for all you have done, and are doing, to manifest this conference and to share the profound insights and perspectives of Existential Positive Psychology. Both personally and professionally, I am learning and benefitting so much from this immersion, for which I am so thankful.

Mitch Hall

It’s a amazing successful conference this year. Your team do a great contribution again!

Suemay Chang

Congratulations! The conference is great!  The system is very friendly and the program is just great.

I was in the middle of leaving a message in the chat box in the last session. It ended before I finished my writing.

It’s only a small team, but you did such a great job.

Huei-min Harriet Wu

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