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Featured Member: Talal Alzabidi

My name is Talal, from Yemen. I hold a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, as well as a degree in General Psychology. In graduate school, I organized and gave several talks related to mental health from a psychological perspective. I encourage people to know themselves and talk about their psychological problems. In the last five years, I have been interested in positive psychology and attended many online classes. At the beginning of the pandemic, I began studying positive education in-depth with a focus on how we can empower youth to achieve well-being during suffering.

Meaning in life is one of the crucial topics in positive education and positive psychology. It plays a substantial role in attaining positive outcomes, such as resilience and flourishing. During my wide reading on meaning and positive education, I have found the INPM website provides many resources that contribute to various domains of meaning. I was also drawn to INPM because its workshops and conferences focus on meaning and existential positive psychology. Thus, I decided to become a member.

Professor Paul Wong has published and spoken on many ideas that fit with different cultures. Because I come from a collectivist culture, I find that Western psychology has not sufficiently considered context in clinical intervention. INPM has attempted to fill this gap through its multicultural approach. And INPM’s courses, which promote the view from existential positive psychology (PP 2.0), have provided great opportunities to learn PP 2.0’s perspective of human flourishing.

My future goal is to establish a center of flourishing to help people enhance their meaning in life and resilience. I also plan to increase awareness of positive psychology among developing nations and help individuals find themselves in each moment of their lives. I believe that we have the potential to make significant contributions if we find meaning in our tasks.