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Faith and Spirituality

Lorraine Taylor, M.Sc.

When I first encountered INPM’s website, I was enthralled by the expansive depth of material offered. I was captivated by the inclusion of Dr. Wong’s own vulnerability, along with his deep spirituality and faith. which attracted me to his Meaning-Centered Therapy model. I appreciate his passion incorporating suffering and resilience as critical components to finding the possibilities and potential to flourish as a human being.

In my own experience of suffering from a lifetime rooted in childhood trauma, enduring decades of difficulties in my adult years, part of the healing that occurred resulted from my realization that there is meaning in suffering, and from adversity there is hope.

After years of failed psychological interventions, once I found a psychologist whose belief system in a personal God mirrored my own practices in faith.

The reality of God’s love, the accepting of my faith to be expressed within the counseling framework, and the fact I was valued as a person whose belief incorporated a living God, all worked together in the healing that occurred for me to no longer suffer from a life sentence with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

I am a restored, reconciled woman to myself and others, spreading the message there is always hope, even in the most persistent of mental illnesses. When we acknowledge, accept and allow the good/bad, and the dark/light emotions in our suffering, healing can occur on many levels.

This is why I gravitate to Dr. Wong’s own message of hope and restoration, when we include a person’s faith and spirituality as resilient factors within the counseling framework.

I serve as a non-credentialed teaching lay minister, author, speaker, leader, trainer, instructor and facilitator. I have spent years as a lifelong volunteer community advocate. My involvement with individuals and families has exposed the deep suffering and trauma that is occurring in today’s culture, adversely impacting individuals, families, and communities. I also study, read research, write and connect with others investigating alternative approaches to helping those who have suffered trauma find their way back home to their own self, others and to be restored as valued contributing members of society.

Each one of us can be beacons of light, hope and love, forging new pathways of understanding when valuing where a person is regarding faith and spirituality in alleviating some of the suffering and pain experienced from trauma.

My first bookHope Rises from a Shattered Innocence, forward written by Dr. Wong can be purchased online by clicking on the following link.


The book tells of my story of healing, even Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which is a hellish condition.  My book offers material, tools, practices, and exercises that can benefit anyone who has experienced trauma; developmental, combat, sexual assault, partner violence.

Perhaps the new research to embark upon envisions a therapeutic intervention model that includes spirituality, faith, and God’s love as active, authentic, and valid healing sources within a meaning-centered therapeutic framework.

Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling (Suma Cum Laude), Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
International Licensed and board-certified Tai Chi for Health and Wellness Instructor, Sydney, Australia
Certified Facilitator for Girls Circle Programing (At One Circle Foundation, we promote resiliency and healthy development in children, adolescents, families, adults, and communities)
Website: faithwriters.com/websites/my_website.php?id=71379