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Featured Member: Maheswar Satpathy (aka Kinnari Maheswari)

Maheswar Satpathy
Maheswar Satpathy, Ph.D.

I am an emerging scholar engaged with planetary health and well-being (global health, mental health), trans-disciplinary gender & sexuality studies, and critical development studies focused on politics and ethics of social justice, and aim to nurture peace and harmony.

I earned my BA in psychology, master’s in clinical psychology, MSc in global health and development, and PhD is health and health and social sciences. As with many psychology graduates, I was trained in clinical psychology. But, as I grew more in line with my passion and vision, I worked with my interests in human and LGBTQIA rights, social justice, drug policy, sexualities, and information and communications technology for development (ICT4D) in more than 10 countries.

My core research themes cut across philosophy and ethics of social justice, global health policy, social policy and intervention, gender and sexuality studies, LGBTQ studies, gender, health and critical development studies, mental health, social cognition, intersectionality, and human capability development (HCD), and peace and development studies.

I have published more than 115 scientific articles in journals such as Nature, The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, and Journal of the American Medical Association. I am Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Indian Journal of Health, Sexuality and Culture (IHSC). And I am currently working on an ambitious seven-volume book on Genders, Sexualities, Cultures and Lives Series, commissioned jointly by three publishers, including Oxford University Press. I’ve delivered more than 150 presentations around the globe, including Harvard University, University of Vienna, and University of Delhi. Lastly, I also consult with various governments and universities on a range of issues revolving around how to help those who have been marginalized by mainstream society.

However, as I grow professionally, I realise I am more passionate about Philosophies of Life (my coinage) in my 3.5 decades of Life. Yes, I am just about to arrive at 35.

I am thrilled about this new adventure with INPM and look forward to more meaningful, and productive experiences as I continue to grow by interacting, learning, and playing my roles and responsibilities as a member of this visionary network. I thank Professor Paul T. P. Wong for welcoming me into INPM and also for providing me with this life-changing opportunity to become part of all of your lives.

I invite active research collaboration from all parts of the world and networking for co-creating change, for impacting and touching countless lives by curating and culturing an eco-system of ‘meaningfulness’ and thereby make a sustained difference! I look forward to engaging with INPM for a more meaningful future of our collective humanity.

Maheswar Satpathy (aka Kinnari Maheswari)
University College London [UCL], London, UK
Email: maheswarsatpathy@gmail.com
Phone: +447466642864 & 7404961289

Skype: maheswar.satpathy
Twitter: @Maheswar_UCL
LinkedIn: Maheswar Satpathy