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Member: Pooja V. Anand, PhD

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, India. I’m a gold medallist in MA Psychology. I have been teaching Psychology for more than 14 years at the undergraduate level. I teach papers on Social Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and Counselling Psychology. My main research interests include positive psychology and emotional intelligence. In 2018, in order to infuse the tenets of positive psychology in my institution I founded India’s first Positive Psychology Center at Daulat Ram College. Since then I have been regularly organizing programs for teachers and students for enhancing their strengths and well-being, including faculty development program, skill development program, national paper presentation competition, and regular workshops, as well as conceptualizing and organizing an innovative program called ‘Positive Conversations’.

I wrote the book Emotional Intelligence: Journey to Self-Positive (2017) in which I presented my own model of emotional intelligence, and co-edited the book ‘Applications of Psychology’ (2018). Apart from INPM, I’m also a member of Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, International Positive Psychology Association and International Association of Applied Psychology.

I’m also interested in translation work and have translated the Satisfaction with Life Scale and Flourishing Scale in Hindi. I have published many journal articles and book chapters and have written articles in newspapers including The Tribune, Millennium Post, Free Press Journal and Nai Duniya and Emotional Intelligence Magazine, U.S. I’m also guiding many PhD scholars enrolled at the Department of Psychology, University of Delhi. I have been invited for talks and workshops at many prestigious national and international forums (recently at the World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, in July, 2019 for a symposium on Positive Universities) and have presented papers at various national and international conferences. I won the first prize for the best paper presentation at the International Conference on Public Health, Delhi (2016). As the first Convenor for Skill Development Programs in my college, I started many Skill Development Programs in various disciplines including Psychology, such as self-enhancement skills, emotional intelligence, self-positive, personality development, etc.

I’m interested in INPM as I have a lot of admiration and regard for the leadership and valuable work undertaken by Prof. Wong. In the wide range of topics in positive psychology I’m passionately drawn towards the concept of meaning and purpose which is the epitome of the efforts undertaken by INPM. I would love to be more involved and contribute meaningfully to the wonderful work undertaken by INPM.

Pooja V. Anand, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Daulat Ram College

University of Delhi