International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology

A Patient Specific Approach to Chronic Pain: Development of the Pain- Filter Extension Model and the SH-9TF-P Questionnaire

Christopher A. Cooper, Ph.D

Tallinn University


The complex effects of chronic pain on well-being and quality of cognition were investigated in a clinical setting with a patient-centered value-based insight approach. Preliminary results were presented for development of a self-report instrument, the Subjective Happiness – 9 True/False – Pain (SH-9TF-P) questionnaire for patient specific analyses of chronic pain and structured treatment in a time-limited setting. A review of the literature indicates that thoughts provoked by long standing pain are negatively affected by cognitive processing that operates outside of full conscious awareness, and therefore have influences on an overall level of functioning. This article reports the assessment and treatment developed from the Pain Filter Extension Model. A conceptualization is offered for ways of interpreting a Pain-Role Identity. Outcomes for value added processing are not directly or consciously available to the individual, but are indicated by greater levels of subjective well-being and improved functional levels of cognitive distortion.

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